Being grateful is one thing, having gratitude is quite another. Lately,I’ve been following several Video Blogs (vlogs for short) posted by a group of people I am friends with in a private Facebook group. The current topic they’re doing a video challenge on is Gratitude. Periodically, a topic is set by a moderator around which the members then post vlogs  in response to. I usually participate in the challenges or activities that are set in this group.  Thus far, the huge one for me was a 30-day video challenge last year that was a real life- changer for me. This time, I am just watching.

I’ve come up with a few of my own challenges this month. In so doing, it has enabled me to recognise how Gratitude, and more importantly, expressing Gratitude has improved over the arc of my life. Faithfully logging entries into my Gratitude Journal during the healing process of overcoming depression made a major impact on improving myself. Re-examining difficult events, and the people that have come in and out of my orbit with sincere Gratitude, rather than spite or anger has provided me a whole new perspective – one of Acceptance and Love, rather than Resentment and Hatred.


Here are some things that come up regularly in my Gratitude Journal;

  1. My family. My children have been my greatest gift. They challenge me. They keep me going. They make me laugh. They have kept me wanting to live in my darkest days.
  2. My grandparents. Although they can drive me crazy sometimes.. they have demonstrated what true love is.  How to last in a relationship.  They have taught me the power of tolerance, patience and acceptance. They have also supported me in tough times.
  3. Expired Relationships. Yes sounds like a weird thing to be grateful for, however they have provided me great strength; enabling me to develop my own voice, helping me to define my own boundaries, and what I should expect in a new, healthy relationship.  They have taught me the Power of Forgiveness.  How I can forgive, so I can grow and move on.  They have shown me how to open my heart, how to be authentic and expect to find someone compatible.  I know now not to settle for mediocre, that I deserve more than what I have allowed myself to have in the past
  4. My Creativity.  Although I sometimes view myself as being cursed, to Create regularly to be able to function properly.. I am also ever so grateful to be blessed to be able to see the world around me through a different lens to most.  I feel more deeply, hear the music more passionately and create beautiful things is a blessing.  I have a gift and wouldn’t me my Unique self without it.
  5. My ailments.Being extremely sick over the years has made me Grateful for when I’m not. It has made me take responsibility for eating healthy, and exercising regularly. Being sick made me appreciate how short and precious life can be. I am grateful for how it slowed my body down to heal, forcing me to reflect on how to keep it in a healthy state.
  6. Friendships. I am grateful for the strong friendships I hold close to my heart.  Knowing that they have my back, knowing I am looked after when I am vunerable.  I also have gratitude for the friendships that ended badly. They allowed me to recognise when I am not being treated how I deserve, and made me see my worth.. To truly see what I Deserve.
  7. Travel.  I am grateful that I have been able to see some of the world.  It has given me a desire to see more of the world.  It has allowed me to appreciate culture and places that are very different to where I call home.  It has given me a deep appreciation for the country I call home.  I feel safe here, I have clean water, access to medical facilities, supermarkets, nature, open roads, I am free to come and go as I please.  It has made me see that I am a gypsy at heart, that I suit wandering and discovering and that I can simplify my life and shed the stuff that I previously felt I needed around me to feel complete.

What things are you grateful for?  Share below some of the things you would list as being on the top of your list in your Gratitude Journal if you had one!

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