I am not Broken, I don’t need to be fixed

“You’re crazy… you need to change your Psychologist…” – these poisonous comments were uttered to me by someone who I realize now, never accepted me or who I was… for who I am ultimately becoming. Ironically, from a person who struggles with his own unresolved demons. The truth of the matter: I ADORE my therapist. … More I am not Broken, I don’t need to be fixed

Juggling Time

Juggling Time Lately, I’ve found myself caught in a seemingly persistent state of frustration; caught between a day job that pays my bills, and building an empire that will (hopefully) provide me my desired lifestyle and resources to bless the people I love. Truth be told, I haven’t yet had the courage to dive head … More Juggling Time


I will never forget the feeling of reaching out and being rejected.  Nothing makes you crawl into your shell like reaching out and being met with a “no”. I have been reading a really good book written by a badass Mum Constance Hall called “Like a Queen”, I actually just finished it.  The line that … More Rejection


Being grateful is one thing, having gratitude is quite another. Lately,I’ve been following several Video Blogs (vlogs for short) posted by a group of people I am friends with in a private Facebook group. The current topic they’re doing a video challenge on is Gratitude. Periodically, a topic is set by a moderator around which … More Gratitude

Practical Magic

My daughter and I used to sit and watch the movie “Practical Magic” nearly once a month.  We loved immersing ourselves in the whimsy of witchcraft and the romantic comedy storyline. The main characters Sally and Gillian Owens are played by actresses Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.  The movie is actually a little scary for … More Practical Magic

Dear Mum

Dear Mum Happy Birthday!  Some might think it silly to keep celebrating and having a drink for your birthday when you aren’t here, well who cares what they think.. I don’t.  Cheers to you turning 64, I love you so much!  To celebrate New Years Eve and it also being your birthday is always a … More Dear Mum