Blog Challenge – January 2017

I made a decision on the first of January.  To improve myself further I challenged myself to write a blog post every day, for the entire month of January.

Its now day 24 and I haven’t missed one.  My narrative has evolved, my writing style has changed slightly.  I have so much support and have had such positive feedback, that I am inspiring people.  I have had some friends reveal they are reading it.  Some have really taken me by surprise.

I have also noticed people read and don’t follow or comment.  My theory is they remain anonymous as they are intimidated.  They struggle to express themselves authentically and honestly in “Real Life”.  I also know I have haters.  To which I honestly give little thought to.

This summary should probably be a reflection piece that I should post on the 1st of February, however for any “Would-be” bloggers, I invite you to join me in the blog world.

Have you ever Dreamed of starting a blog, have you thought about it and talked yourself out of it, thinking that it is just too hard?  Well, I am here to tell you it isn’t.  I would love to help others get their voices out.  Help you share, YOUR story.

I have found the blog world to be extremely supportive and full of inspiration.  Please get in contact with me for help on “How start your own blog!”


I would love to do a shout out to The Caffeine Gal  Click here to see her Blog  as during my first week of this challenge I found her page and she had a similar mindset on this.  I would love to Thank her and to share her Guide she used on her challenge, I have included her picture on it above.  I am sure she would love you to use it as your inspiration for a challenge of your own.  I already had a guide on what I wanted to talk out in my month, but have a few from this list that I am going to explore!

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