How to be more confident


I haven’t always been this confident.  In fact a few years ago I was plagued with depression and doubted everything I did and my existence in this world.  I hit rock bottom, a few times.  It has taken me a long time and lots of therapy to get to this point and I am loving where I am at.  I am getting noticed for my happiness and zest for life.

I want to share some things that have helped me with my confidence and self esteem.

The 10 things you should do to be more Confident:

  1. Make your own decisions
    You don’t need permission from others to make a decision, or their approval. Listen to others opinions and consider them, but you are ultimately in control of your own decision making process.
  2. Stand behind your Decisions/Choices
    Don’t second guess yourself. Have faith that you know how to take the proper steps in your life to reach your goals and achieve success. Don’t mull over thoughts endlessly after making a decision, simply watch life unfold and stand behind your choice.
  3. Take ownership for what happens to you
    Don’t blame people or situations for things that happen. Although you may not have the ability to control everything that happens to you, you choose how you respond, and this can benefit your life rather than wallowing in self-pity or playing the blame game.
  4. Accept a challenge (mentally and physically)
    Don’t be scared of a Challenge and get out of your comfort zone. This is generally an opportunity to grow and learn.
  5. Don’t belittle others to boost your self esteem
    Confident people feel comfortable in themselves and can stand in their truth. They don’t need to squash every person in their path in the process.
  6. Embrace your flaws
    Don’t care what other people think of you, just Show up in life fully ready to show people the real you. Everybody has flaws, embrace them and love yourself.
  7. Follow through on your goals and dreams
    Don’t give up on your goals and Dreams, See your dreams through to the finish, no matter how many roadblocks you encounter. You are the only one who can achieve your goals, you have to work at them to see them through.
  8. Only impress yourself
    Don’t try and impress others, Someone’s true essence comes from their soul, not material possessions. Don’t concern yourself with how much money people have, what car they drive or feel that you have to flaunt what you have to others. This doesn’t define a person. Their/Your character does!
  9. Get things done
    Don’t procrastinate; don’t waste time, just get things done. Dive headfirst into life and CREATE it, don’t just watch it happen, you will always end up disappointed with the result.
  10. Enjoy a healthy debate
    Don’t agree with people just to make them feel comfortable. A healthy debate is a way to get a fresh perspective or to teach the other person something. Don’t let other’s treat you like a doormat and just agree with them for the sake of it.

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