Moving House

I don’t think you can be prepared enough for moving a whole house to a new location!  
I had all the boxes packed, utilities booked, mover ‘aka strong boyfriend!’ organised yet still the moving day was still chaotic.  It was also ridiculously humid.  It rained just when we started unloading the truck. All of us had perspiration dripping from our foreheads and damp t-shirts from the humidity.  Moving furniture is hard work anytime, humity makes it harder.  I have to say a huge thanks to my kids and my gorgeous partner for all their help. I also need to say a huge Thank you to my friend Elissa who came and helped me nearly every day!

I hadn’t slept well for 4 days.  I kept waking with thoughts of what I still had to do and when etc.  The first night here I heard every car drive past, every cricket chirping and every creak in the walls of this awesome house.  My mind was still racing, thinking of all the things I still had to do, and things I might have forgotten.  The notes section on my phone was been getting a red hot workout!

A few days later, cleaning at the old place, my son was helping out.  He is such a quiet soul, a deep thinker and is a calming influence on me.  I had been distracted and so busy getting everything moved, organised, thrown out, rehomed, cleaned etc I had been very withdrawn.  Which is expected during a busy time such as moving.

I rushed into the house from the garage to grab something and my son walked towards me to go outside.  I stopped as he had tears in his eyes (he will not be happy I shared this) “what’s wrong darlin’?” I asked him.  He fought back tears, “I’ve been walking around this empty house and it’s made me sad, we have so many memories here, I am happy to be moving though, it’s just..” and he had no other words to explain how he felt.  My heart stopped, he is very tall and seems like a man, however he is 15 and still a boy.  I said “aww, Come here darlin” I opened my arms suggesting a hug..

He let me embrace him, not something he is comfortable doing since he hit puberty, I gave him a warm cuddle, “I understand” I reassured him rubbing his back.  In that moment he was back to being my little toddler that loved cuddles from me.  I felt him feel better, soothed my me.  When I let him go I agreed that we had lots of memories here and we get the chance to make new ones at our new place.  He smiled.  That moment will stay with me forever.

I struggled emotionally for the rest of the day.  I had pangs of guilt for not being present to see how my son was feeling, but then grateful for that moment we shared.  I too have memories at that house, so snippets would flit randomly through my mind for the remainder of the day.  Some good some bad.

My gorgeous girlfriend Carla was helping me and even though suffering with a terrible hangover, I know she could sense I wasnt myself.  She knew I was struggling emotionally.  She helped above and beyond, pushing me to get boxes moved, packed the trailer, encouraged me.  I thank you old friend.  You were exactly who I needed to be with.  I value you so much, best friends since we were 8 years old.  I realised the preciousness yesterday gorgeous one.

When I finally got a load back to our new house, I broke down, my poor boyfriend was bewildered, as I was sobbing intensely, unable to put words together.  A mixture of exhaustion and raw emotions took over.  It had been coming, I am a woman of emotions, I feel them all, although it has only been recently that I have allowed them and been able to identify how I am actually feeling.  It took me a while to be able to articulate what was wrong.  Finally when I was able to explain, he embraced me, gave me the warmest cuddle.. “it’s all gonna be ok babe!” He whispered.  

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