7km Walk

I’ve cleaned up my diet and plateaued with my weight. I haven’t lost anything. When I was lighter and maintaining it, I was exercising regularly. I haven’t been exercising regularly since my surgery last year. I am not fit enough to jog, but I can walk.. So I enlisted my gorgeous daughter to walk with … More 7km Walk

Pondering Life

Feeling very frustrated and needing some exercise.  Unfortunately  being a Shift worker can play havoc with your Sleep and then in turn your frame of mind. When I feel like this, the best thing to do is to get my ipod and go for a walk.  Today is was a little cold, but the sun … More Pondering Life

Electric Bikes

Today we decided to hire some Electric Bikes.  I was a little worried about this as I have very little energy due to still recovering from my surgery and I am still on strong pain killers. I was assured that as they are electric, that I wouldn’t need to do too much peddling. The kids … More Electric Bikes