What actually is “Healthy?”

In the journey I’ve been on towards natural healing, I’ve discovered that I’d been blind to what healthy really means. It’s not necessarily having a slim, lithe body, and adopting a rigid raw or vegan diet. It’s different for everyone. In the past, I’ve suffered from extreme depression – both genetic and situational. I have … More What actually is “Healthy?”

Naughty Boy Cafe

Today I took Cooper to a School to see if he would like to attend there next year for his Year 10.  The School is in Preston and is very focused on Music, The Arts and Trades.  We popped into the school on the weekend as they had a fundraising Event on and it also … More Naughty Boy Cafe

7km Walk

I’ve cleaned up my diet and plateaued with my weight. I haven’t lost anything. When I was lighter and maintaining it, I was exercising regularly. I haven’t been exercising regularly since my surgery last year. I am not fit enough to jog, but I can walk.. So I enlisted my gorgeous daughter to walk with … More 7km Walk

Pondering Life

Feeling very frustrated and needing some exercise.  Unfortunately  being a Shift worker can play havoc with your Sleep and then in turn your frame of mind. When I feel like this, the best thing to do is to get my ipod and go for a walk.  Today is was a little cold, but the sun … More Pondering Life