Know your worth

Today, I had an amazing conversation with a girlfriend that I hadn’t spoken with for a few months.  We both went through a shitty time last year, and through it all, supported each other; offering each other a non judgemental ear for listening, and sharing opinions and advice on things from our perspective and experiences. … More Know your worth


Being grateful is one thing, having gratitude is quite another. Lately,I’ve been following several Video Blogs (vlogs for short) posted by a group of people I am friends with in a private Facebook group. The current topic they’re doing a video challenge on is Gratitude. Periodically, a topic is set by a moderator around which … More Gratitude


The Beauty of living in Australia is that it is known as a “Free Country”.  Here we have the right to our own opinions.  We can believe in whichever Religion (or not) choose to.  We have the right to freedom of speech.  . I pride myself in the person that I have become.  I have … More Slander

Practical Magic

My daughter and I used to sit and watch the movie “Practical Magic” nearly once a month.  We loved immersing ourselves in the whimsy of witchcraft and the romantic comedy storyline. The main characters Sally and Gillian Owens are played by actresses Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.  The movie is actually a little scary for … More Practical Magic

Full moon

Does the Full moon actually drive people crazy?  I believe it does, however, maybe it is just the stuff of myth and legend and nothing extraordinary really ever occurs during the Full moon. When one behaves in a crazed manner, they are sometimes labelled a raving “lunatic”, or one might say they are suffering from lunacy. … More Full moon

SkyRockets in Flight, Afternoon Delight!

“….Skyrockets in Flight, Afternoon Delight!” That get your attention? It’s a line from the song “Afternoon Delight” written by Bill Danoff, and played by the Starland Vocal Band. Ooh, we all know what this song references, but sorry to disappoint, this blog entry is definitely not about an afternoon romp in the bedroom…lol! Don’t get … More SkyRockets in Flight, Afternoon Delight!

Personal Growth

For any of you that have attended the Landmark Forum or or any other similar Personal Development events, you will know the sensation of how life changing it is.  Many things heard and felt in these events stay with you forever.  For me, I have a few core things that I put into place from … More Personal Growth

Dear Mel

You are enough, worth your weight in gold.  You aren’t crazy, Even though that’s what you have been told. You have suppressed in your life a lot, So now let it all go.  One day someone will love all of you, believe me I know. You doubted your worth, and went deep in the Darkness … More Dear Mel

Dear Mum

Dear Mum Happy Birthday!  Some might think it silly to keep celebrating and having a drink for your birthday when you aren’t here, well who cares what they think.. I don’t.  Cheers to you turning 64, I love you so much!  To celebrate New Years Eve and it also being your birthday is always a … More Dear Mum