Juggling Time

Juggling Time Lately, I’ve found myself caught in a seemingly persistent state of frustration; caught between a day job that pays my bills, and building an empire that will (hopefully) provide me my desired lifestyle and resources to bless the people I love. Truth be told, I haven’t yet had the courage to dive head … More Juggling Time


The Beauty of living in Australia is that it is known as a “Free Country”.  Here we have the right to our own opinions.  We can believe in whichever Religion (or not) choose to.  We have the right to freedom of speech.  . I pride myself in the person that I have become.  I have … More Slander

Party Plan – How to Utilise December to Kick Start 2017

In the Party Plan/Direct selling Business, well to be honest any home based business, You have to keep your Game on Every Month! Whoever you work for, and I am talking any Party Plan/Direct Selling Company, you could be in Plastic containers, Linen, Makeup, Health Products, Weight loss, Skin Care, Lifestyle products, Clothes Companies Etc. … More Party Plan – How to Utilise December to Kick Start 2017