The Beauty of living in Australia is that it is known as a “Free Country”.  Here we have the right to our own opinions.  We can believe in whichever Religion (or not) choose to.  We have the right to freedom of speech.  . I pride myself in the person that I have become.  I have … More Slander

Healthy 2017

Late last year, I vowed this year (2017) would be the year to get my Health under control.  Ironically, my body had other ideas a few days after Christmas.  I was bed ridden for a few weeks recovering from an episode of of a bowel problem called Diverticulitis.  I am still extremely fatigued from that … More Healthy 2017

Practical Magic

My daughter and I used to sit and watch the movie “Practical Magic” nearly once a month.  We loved immersing ourselves in the whimsy of witchcraft and the romantic comedy storyline. The main characters Sally and Gillian Owens are played by actresses Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.  The movie is actually a little scary for … More Practical Magic