I recently did a Facebook live with a girlfriend on the topic of internet dating.  We covered tips on how to set up your profile, what sort of pictures to use. What to wear on a first date, where to meet, what to do and what not to expect on first date, etc etc Our … More Dating

Freedom of speech

  We have a right in Australia called freedom of speech!  It is not in our constitution like it is in The United States of America though.  It allows one the power or right to express one’s opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty.  It does come with limitations. See inserted information from Australian Human rights … More Freedom of speech

Find your Voice

This month, I set myself a challenge to write a blog post every day. It was an exercise to find my voice, to change my narrative, to share my story. Some days, the words flowed like lava down a volcano. I’ve shared parts of things I’ve written, and I also I have pages of writing … More Find your Voice

Fairy Tales

As a little girl, I often fantasied about being a princess with a beautiful wardrobe, and a handsome prince that came to rescue me. As I got a little older, I wanted to be Barbie, who owned all things pink – the Jeep, the pink horse float, the pink house, the pink high heels etc., … More Fairy Tales

Know your worth

Today, I had an amazing conversation with a girlfriend that I hadn’t spoken with for a few months.  We both went through a shitty time last year, and through it all, supported each other; offering each other a non judgemental ear for listening, and sharing opinions and advice on things from our perspective and experiences. … More Know your worth


My mother was the quintessential nurturer. Sadly, she passed far too early. Many who knew her,  recall her as having one of her 4 daughters always attached to her hip, or pressed into service as the de-facto taxi to their activities. Having her as a role model, has moulded me into the mother that I … More Motherhood

Energy Healing

Today’s blog entry was in all honesty, very difficult for me to write about, as it tackles a facet of my life that I still find very difficult to meet head on. I speak about fear-based judgment.  One of the main reasons I’ve struggled in certain areas has been my fear of being judged. I … More Energy Healing