Fairy Tales

As a little girl, I often fantasied about being a princess with a beautiful wardrobe, and a handsome prince that came to rescue me. As I got a little older, I wanted to be Barbie, who owned all things pink – the Jeep, the pink horse float, the pink house, the pink high heels etc., … More Fairy Tales

Know your worth

Today, I had an amazing conversation with a girlfriend that I hadn’t spoken with for a few months.  We both went through a shitty time last year, and through it all, supported each other; offering each other a non judgemental ear for listening, and sharing opinions and advice on things from our perspective and experiences. … More Know your worth


My mother was the quintessential nurturer. Sadly, she passed far too early. Many who knew her,  recall her as having one of her 4 daughters always attached to her hip, or pressed into service as the de-facto taxi to their activities. Having her as a role model, has moulded me into the mother that I … More Motherhood

Energy Healing

Today’s blog entry was in all honesty, very difficult for me to write about, as it tackles a facet of my life that I still find very difficult to meet head on. I speak about fear-based judgment.  One of the main reasons I’ve struggled in certain areas has been my fear of being judged. I … More Energy Healing


Being grateful is one thing, having gratitude is quite another. Lately,I’ve been following several Video Blogs (vlogs for short) posted by a group of people I am friends with in a private Facebook group. The current topic they’re doing a video challenge on is Gratitude. Periodically, a topic is set by a moderator around which … More Gratitude


Today I was asked via messenger what my top three colours were.  The person I was chatting to was fishing, so they could set our chat to a personalised colour.  Such a simple question about what my favourite colour is has opened such a Pandoras box for me, it just goes to show, the Power … More Colours

Music appreciation

It is an interesting fact that not everyone has the disposition to appreciate music.  Being someone who is extremely affected by music I find this fact very difficult to understand.  However I also find the fact people enjoy maths difficult to understand too lol.  In my heart, I also feel that this love of music … More Music appreciation