What is Karma? This question has come up for me several times in my life. I have wondered what it is, what it means and if it exists.  Whilst in depression I blamed Karma for all the crappy things I had experienced.  I used it as a way of torturing myself.  Telling myself that because … More Karma


I will never forget the feeling of reaching out and being rejected.  Nothing makes you crawl into your shell like reaching out and being met with a “no”. I have been reading a really good book written by a badass Mum Constance Hall called “Like a Queen”, I actually just finished it.  The line that … More Rejection

Self love

The title sounds cheesy.  The image the title might conjur of self love is masterbation.  No, that’s not what this article is about at all.  I got your attention though.. lol What I am referring to, is looking after yourself.  Doing things to calm your mind or slow yourself down.  As a Mother this act … More Self love


I found a cute quote today and it had a profound effect on me. It is this: Here’s why; I have existed for a huge part of my life. So what? I hear you thinking. Well, existing isnt living.  It’s just surviving. Just making it through another day. Just scraping by. Just…  It isn’t appreciating … More Living

Moving House

I don’t think you can be prepared enough for moving a whole house to a new location!   I had all the boxes packed, utilities booked, mover ‘aka strong boyfriend!’ organised yet still the moving day was still chaotic.  It was also ridiculously humid.  It rained just when we started unloading the truck. All of … More Moving House

Family Trip

We were on our way for our first trip away as a family.  It’s a long weekend here in Melbourne and we chose an idyllic spot on Victoria’s coast called “Phillip Island”. A strange feeling came over me on the drive there. For two reasons, firstly the contentment and joy I feel to be on … More Family Trip


I recently did a Facebook live with a girlfriend on the topic of internet dating.  We covered tips on how to set up your profile, what sort of pictures to use. What to wear on a first date, where to meet, what to do and what not to expect on first date, etc etc Our … More Dating

Freedom of speech

  We have a right in Australia called freedom of speech!  It is not in our constitution like it is in The United States of America though.  It allows one the power or right to express one’s opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty.  It does come with limitations. See inserted information from Australian Human rights … More Freedom of speech

Find your Voice

This month, I set myself a challenge to write a blog post every day. It was an exercise to find my voice, to change my narrative, to share my story. Some days, the words flowed like lava down a volcano. I’ve shared parts of things I’ve written, and I also I have pages of writing … More Find your Voice