What actually is “Healthy?”

In the journey I’ve been on towards natural healing, I’ve discovered that I’d been blind to what healthy really means. It’s not necessarily having a slim, lithe body, and adopting a rigid raw or vegan diet. It’s different for everyone.

In the past, I’ve suffered from extreme depression – both genetic and situational. I have been on medication years ago and all it did was make me numb and blocked sensations and feelings. In response, I’ve chosen to healing my mind without medication.
Physically, it has been challenging to reach and then maintain my body at its optimal fitness. Several years ago, my bowel suddenly burst from an undiagnosed condition called diverticulitis. As a result, I lost a huge amount of weight at that time.. I was terribly sick. I’ve since gained weight back and more. Which is very frustrating.

Recently, my gut health has been terrible. My digestive system works intermittently. My bowel function has been damaged from having multiple surgeries on it. In my attempts at healing my gut and digestive system, I’ve discovered a huge inter-connection between hormones, my current state-of-mind, and the general overall health of my gut.

The biggest take-away in all of this is that to have a healthy body, one MUST first have a healthy mind – to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with oneself. As one’s state-of-mind becomes stronger, healthier habit become second nature, so that personal choices from food and meal selection, to exercise, to personal relationships are all weighed against how they serve to make one healthy and happy.

The resulting choices also affect one hormonally, both in the production of certain chemicals in the body, and how much acid your stomach produces. I was blown away by all the facts I have uncovered!

Again, It all begins with healing from the inside out — emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Failure to face our inner demons will always result in less than optimum health. The foods we eat and the way we move our bodies are really important, but even more important is creating inner peace, and that starts with believing we are worth it.

I will be the first to admit that creating and staying in that space of inner peace isn’t the easiest thing to do. Personally, I’ve had a lot of shit to sort through to find myself again; to actually find love for that person – ME.

I had to stop believing that negative voice that drones abuse at me all day, and tells me how crap I am at life… that voice of self-doubt will always be there challenging me, but I no longer have the volume up so loud as to dictate my every move.

Indeed, my self-confidence has blossomed, and at 41 years old, I’ve only just started wearing bright coloured lipsticks! Wowsers, it’s given me some attention! I don’t care what people think of me anymore, and I dress how I want and wear my hair how I like. I have started back at gym again and am eating healthy.

I am unashamedly me!

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