I am not Broken, I don’t need to be fixed

“You’re crazy… you need to change your Psychologist…” – these poisonous comments were uttered to me by someone who I realize now, never accepted me or who I was… for who I am ultimately becoming.

Ironically, from a person who struggles with his own unresolved demons.

The truth of the matter: I ADORE my therapist. Together, we continue to make great breakthroughs.

Still, I find myself ruminating about how whenever we hear about individuals who go to great lengths to find flaws in others, that what they’re really doing is projecting their own personal insecurities and issues outwardly.

Here’s My Truth… I’M NOT BROKEN! This is as much a declaration as it is a VICTORY CRY. It’s always been true; even during my lowest lows and my darkest days. What I was lacking was acceptance. We all should be accepted as we are – character “flaws” and all. Whether we are in therapy, in the middle of a breakdown or breakthrough, beaming with happiness, or wrestling with grief, or depression, or sadness, we should be ALL be accepted as we are.

Every person in your life is your mirror. This is the greatest of all relationships secrets and the only one you really need to understand to transform all of your relationships.

So, when that individual called me “Crazy”, I KNEW it wasn’t about me! (Also, read the 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz– especially the one about Not Taking Anything Personally). What this means is that what we see in others is simply a reflection of our own consciousness that provides us opportunities to really see ourselves – and ultimately – to grow from them. The qualities we most admire in others are our own, and the same goes for those qualities we dislike.

To change anything in our relationships, we need to be the catalyst to the changes we want to see. So from this mindset, whenever someone upsets us, or makes us angry it’s an opportunity to look inside ourselves to see what is it in you that you need to work on.

What are your thoughts on this?

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