Juggling Time

Juggling Time Lately, I’ve found myself caught in a seemingly persistent state of frustration; caught between a day job that pays my bills, and building an empire that will (hopefully) provide me my desired lifestyle and resources to bless the people I love.

Truth be told, I haven’t yet had the courage to dive head first into flying solo on the wings of my entrepreneurial spirit – fear is keeping me grounded on the tarmac. Still, I’ve been able to provide for my family despite running myself ragged trying to fit everything into my days. I’m moving forward – just not at the ideal speed that I really want.

What I DO know, is I WILL achieve my dream, it’s just happening slowly, purposefully – one step at a time.

Admittedly, I’m not the most patient person. When I want something, I want it now! My character is being tested constantly, but I’m growing into a better person.

So in that respect, I’m thankful that the slower journey has brought with it many lessons and opportunities for growth, the least of which are Self Discovery and Self Love.

6 thoughts on “Juggling Time

      1. you betcha! I was a dental assistant and my patients had to listen to me drone on and on how one day I would pay the bills with art and since 2005 I have! YAY! Good Luck and I said a prayer for you!

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