Self love

The title sounds cheesy.  The image the title might conjur of self love is masterbation.  No, that’s not what this article is about at all.  I got your attention though.. lol

What I am referring to, is looking after yourself.  Doing things to calm your mind or slow yourself down.  As a Mother this act is one that I lost a while ago.  I look after my children.  I ran my own business for years, I do things for friends, I have worked in an office and done shift work.  I keep a clean home, I have had to be the Mum and Dad for a long time, due to being a single Mum!  Weeks pass by and I haven’t done one thing for myself.  It’s just happened like that.  I am worried about everyone else except myself most of the time.

I get my nails done once a month, I struggle to sit still the whole hour while the technician is working on me.  I took a moment to think about this fact.  Why am I not enjoying that hour? Why am I not actually relaxing while being pampered? Why wriggle in my seat and over-think the things I think I should be doing. This is because I have stopped giving myself permission to relax.  Stopped allowing myself to have down time.

This Easter weekend I had promised myself I would make time to relax.  It started ealier than I had planned, on Friday night when my gorgeous man ran me a bath, poured me a red wine and lit me a candle.  He forced me to relax.  For that I am grateful!  I was relaxed all Friday night.  I had a few moments of relaxation over the weekend.  I wanted to sleep in, this didn’t happen.  I had things on my mind that needed to be done so I got up early to do them, and hopped back in bed for snuggles when Chad woke up. So I definitely made a point of chilling out, more than normal.

We started at gym this weekend.  While it seems strenuous, it was me time!  I got in the zone.  Enjoyed the medative state I got into counting reps, concentrating on lifting the weight to correctly engage my muscles etc.  It was so enjoyable to work out with my honey then walk home which is so close.

So this weekend was definitely the start of more Mel Self Love time.  It really doesn’t come easy to me.  I am such a busy person.  I am always on the go, my mind is always one step ahead, thinking of the next thing I have to do.  I have learnt that I crash and burn when I don’t give myself permission to relax though, so I am scheduling it into my calendar so I actually do it.  I also plan on making a point of relaxing at my next nail appointment too!

Anyway gotta go, I have drawn a hot bath whilst typing this and am about to hop in and relax since this long weekend has come to an end.  Meditation for me too tonight and then an early night to ensure I get at least eight hours sleep.  If I don’t look after myself, then I only have myself to blame when I am not well.

Hope you all make time for your own Self Love!

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