Family Trip

We were on our way for our first trip away as a family.  It’s a long weekend here in Melbourne and we chose an idyllic spot on Victoria’s coast called “Phillip Island”.

A strange feeling came over me on the drive there. For two reasons, firstly the contentment and joy I feel to be on a little getaway with my new family unit is so enjoyable. Secondly, the last time I did this trip I was extremely unwell. It was two years ago and six weeks after I underwent major emergency surgery, I had part of my bowel removed. I have come along way since then.  I acknowledged quietly on the drive, that my feelings mark a change in my existence. I have transformed since that last trip two years ago.  The surgery was also at a time where my depression was at it’s all time high.

I am now in a very happy relationship, our children are experiencing a positive family environment.  I am at a place in myself where I have complete acceptance of myself and loving the possibilities that life has to offer.  Which is the complete opposite to how my life was back then.

We went to the Penguin Parade on the first night. Once the sun set and everyone waited patiently, the overfed fat lil penguins started waddling up the beach.  They come ashore in search of their babies, to then regurgitate the days feed for their young. They stand at a mere 30cm tall, they are the smallest breed of penguin in the world.  Their antics and personality was very entertaining. 

The second day we took the kids to Amaze n things. My face hurt from laughing so much, Chad and the kids had a great time too! I highly recommend a visit to this place, there are activities for every age group, we were there about 2hrs which really wasn’t long enough, we had to leave to board a boat cruise though.  We bought the kids back on our way home on the Monday, to climb the skytrail, glad we did as they totally loved it!

During the trip out to Seal Rocks, I had a girlfriend message me, she commented on how happy Cooper and Emma look in the pictures I had posted on Facebook.  A warm fuzzy feeling started to wash over me. The kids ARE truely happy, we are on a FAMILY trip, the sun warming my skin suddenly felt empowering, the salty air filling my nostrils cleansing, and the knowing that I am finally on my right path felt satisfying, I think the smile that spread over my face and twinkle in my bright blue eyes, is still there!

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