Music appreciation

It is an interesting fact that not everyone has the disposition to appreciate music.  Being someone who is extremely affected by music I find this fact very difficult to understand.  However I also find the fact people enjoy maths difficult to understand too lol.  In my heart, I also feel that this love of music keeps my mothers spirit alive, as she was a passionate singer.

There is nothing more satisfying than being engrossed in a song and being so moved by the music, you can feel the soul of the song, and your skin prickles in an uncontrolled display of goosebumps.  Unfortunately for my children and people close to me, I am a “sing-a-long-a-rah” (someone who sings along to music, not a real word by the way.. LOL)  So when I am feeling the music, I sing along, whether it sounds good or not, I do it.  It makes me feel more like I am in that piece of music.

My friends know that I am not afraid to get up on stage and sing Karaoke.  One of my favourite memories is back seven years ago, February 2010, to be exact.  I was on a trip with my two Children, and at the time, my best friend, her husband and children.  We were staying in a town in Western Australia called Bussellton.  After dinner, us adults went out for a few drinks to the “Busso Pub”.. I was in my element as they has a Karaoke Night.

Admittedly I was initially a little nervous, you can see in the picture I have put below that I had my left arm tucked awkwardly across my body, a protective pose.. The song I sang was “Eye of the Tiger” once I got to the first Chorus, I was belting that song out.  There were a few people in the Pub, but not many in the Karaoke Room.  I started singing quite nervously.  I am happy to report that I got the Whole pub up and involved in singing.  I didn’t realise how many people were there until I was half was through my song, they were all in the karaoke room singing along with me.


By the end of the song I looked like this.. I laugh when I see this as I was definitely in my element, I made my Mum proud that night.  That is definitely not a nervous stance, I was totally relaxed and rocking out that song.  They made me sing another few songs after that one and I didn’t have to buy another drink at all that night.. Haha!


I am like that with a lot of things.  I am nervous and a little stand offish at first, but once I feel comfortable and confident I warm up and Rock it out.

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