Healthy 2017

15327794_692222940935987_1143437357_nLate last year, I vowed this year (2017) would be the year to get my Health under control.  Ironically, my body had other ideas a few days after Christmas.  I was bed ridden for a few weeks recovering from an episode of of a bowel problem called Diverticulitis.  I am still extremely fatigued from that episode, but remain determined to keep on a regular healthy meal plan and exercise schedule.

Walking is the only exercise I can really manage at the moment and I am not putting pressure on myself, or my finances to join a gym or force myself to run, as that is more than my body can cope with.  Still, I am doing other exercises at home, like squats, lunges, sit ups and some gentle arm curls etc with some dumbbell weights I have.  Still, It is difficult to stay motivated, when all you want to do is sleep though.. LOL

However I am convinced that if I am getting enough rest, that exercise is really going to help me build some stamina, and gain more fitness; which in turn will provide me more energy and help me feel better.  I am eating well and planning this weekly.  I have some good supplements to ensure that I am getting enough fibre, nutrients and some extra energy.  I am also planning my exercise weekly too, so that I have something to tick off and that is keeping me accountable.

Water intake is a huge part in staying healthy.  I have noticed that since I haven’t been working, that I am not drinking nearly enough water.  Being dehydrated definitely contributes to the lethargy I am feeling.  I have combatted this by storing three 1 litre bottles in the fridge, that I must drink every day.  You really get used to it and when I don’t drink that amount, I get soooo thirsty.

I am wanting some tips and hints from all of you out there that are on the same kind of journey with their health.  I think it is important to connect with others and when we inspire each other, we find it easier to reach our goals.  Please comment below or contact me via my Facebook page, perhaps we can start a FB Group to Motivate each other!

I am also on the My fitness Pal app, which is where one can log their daily food intake (Calories) and log their daily exercise, my profile name is TheCreativeGirl, would love to see you on there!


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